The farmers leaved in Sixthies but the Farm go on with olive oil production.

In the middle of Ninethies , looking at the peculiar feature of land and of culture, we decided to turn to Organic Farming because it is easier to abolish pesticides and chemicals just here where we are.

More and more this idea has been stronger, even if we can see risks every year.

Since 2008 we are following Shumei Natural Agriculture, under philosophical teachings of Shinji Shumeikai Moviment born in Japan and placed in Economic and Social Council of United Nations.

We have a deep care of Nature, listening all Her teachings; we use only local genotype and seeds, never pesticides, never fertilizers , leave that trees and vegetables grow up only with the help from good farming acts and farmer’s love.

At this LINK an interesting article about us.

``We love to take care of our earth and his products``